Ambassador Li Minggang visited Family Members of Kuwaiti Ambassador to China

On 9th February 2020, Ambassador Li Minggang visited the family of Sameeh Hayat, Kuwaiti Ambassador to China.




Ambassador Li introduced the latest developments of the novel coronavirus outbreakas well as robust measures taken by China to prevent and control the epidemic. Li saidthat the Chinese people is making all-out efforts to race against time and fight against the virus in order to contain the spread of the virus. Positive results are producing through the preventive and control measures. It is believed that with the wide support of international community, including Kuwait, China will win the battle against the virus at an early date. At this critical moment, China highly appreciates that Ambassador Sameeh and his colleagues have opted to stay in China and remain in the mission, which reflects Kuwait’s confidence and firm support to China in prevailing over the outbreak.




Sameeh’s family members thanked Li for his visit, and showed strong appreciation to the Chinese government for its high sense of responsibility in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak, believing that the Chinese government and Chinese people will defeat the epidemic soon. They also noted that Ambassador Sameeh has been keepingintouch with his family via video chat and other means, and expressed gratitude to China for its efforts in protecting health and ensuring daily routine of foreign diplomatic personnelbased in China.


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