Ambassador Li Minggang Meets with Undersecretary for Health of Kuwait

On 6th February 2020, Ambassador Li Minggang met withthe Undersecretary for Health of KuwaitDr. Mustafa Redha.



Ambassador Li briefed Mustafa on the current developments on the novel coronavirus outbreak. He said that the Chinese government, with a high sense of responsibility to its people and international community, has taken the most comprehensive and rigorous preventative and control measures, and actively fulfilled its international obligations by immediately reporting the situation to the World Health Organization, which is highly commended by the WHO and international communities. China's prevention and control efforts are currently producing results. With its institutional advantage, China has high confidence and full capability in winning this battle against the virus. Li hoped that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health would implement the preventive measures as per the WHO recommendations and in a scientific and reasonable manner, while refraining from taking excessive restrictions. Li also exchanged views with Mustafa on carrying out health cooperation between China and Kuwait.


Mustafa said that China has dealt with the sudden novel coronavirus epidemic with professionalism and in an open, transparent manner. Kuwait highly appreciates China's significant contributions to the prevention of worldwide large-scale transmission and the positive results produced from the robust measures. Mustafa reaffirmed Kuwait's commitments to duly compliance with the WHO recommendations and implementation of the IHR, adding that Kuwait will make appropriate adjustments on its immigration policy, and keep close contact and coordination with the Chinese side on the novel coronavirus outbreak.


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