Ambassador Li Minggang Meets with Kuwaiti Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs on Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

On 5th February 2020, Ambassador Li Minggang met with Ali Sulaiman Al-Saeid, Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs of Kuwait, urging the appropriate treatment of the Kuwaiti side towards the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) outbreak to ensure regular bilateral personnel and tradeexchanges.



Ambassador Li briefed about the current developments on the NCP outbreak, and said that the Chinese government and Chinese people are in the serious fight against the virus through united efforts. China has established a nation-wide joint prevention and control mechanism with the most comprehensive and rigorous measures, some of which exceed the WHO recommendations and the International Health Regulations requirements. China has full confidence and capability to prevail over the epidemic at an early date. Having noticed Kuwait's entry restriction measures imposed on Chinese citizens, the Chinese side hopes Kuwait would adopt an objective and rational approach to the outbreak, have confidence in China's capability to protect the health and security of its own people and expatriates in China, and respect the WHO recommendations to ensure the regular personnel and trade exchanges, while refraining from excessive restrictive measures which may foster unnecessary fear and panic.


Ali said that China is in a fight against the novel coronavirus for all humankind, and Kuwait highly commends and appreciates the robust measures taken by China to combat against the virus. Kuwait stands in solidarity with China with full confidence that China will prevail over the outbreak. Kuwait is ready to provide any necessary support to China, and will maintain close coordination and communication with the relevant authorities of Kuwait as well as the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait on the prevention and control of the outbreak, and make appropriate adjustments on the measures in accordance with the situations.

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