Ambassador Li Minggang Exchanges Views with Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs of Kuwait on the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

On 28th January 2020, Ambassador Li Minggang met with the Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs of Kuwait Sami Abdulaziz Al-Hamad, and exchanged views on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak.



Ambassador Li briefed Hamad about the novel coronavirus epidemic and the preventative and controlling measures taken by the Chinese government to combat the virus, stressing that the Chinese side had attached great importance to containing the virus through taking strong and effective measures, and disclosing the developments and updates on the outbreak in an accurate, open and transparent manner. China has maintained close communication and strengthened cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), relevant countries and regional organizations to safeguard global health security. Li affirmed that China has the confidence in winning the battle of combating the virus. As to the next phase, the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait will keep close communication with relevant Kuwaiti authorities to make joint efforts in the prevention and control work.


For his part, Hamad thanked the Chinese side for updating the situation in a timely manner, and commended the efforts made by the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait in maintaining close contact with relevant Kuwaiti authorities. Hamad also briefed Li about the preventative measures taken by the Kuwaiti government in this regard, and further said that Kuwait stands ready to provide all necessary assistance to help China defeat the epidemic at an early date.


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