Ambassador Li Minggang Visits and Greets SIPSC Kuwait subsidiary

On 7th January 2020, Ambassador Li Minggang visited and inspected SIPSC Kuwait subsidiary's SP159 drilling work site and SP984 camps.




After hearing the work report by SP159 on its team capacity-building, productive operation, HSSE management and distinctive culture, Li gave due recognition to SP159's achievements, and conveyed warm greetings and New Year wishes to the front-line crew members.


Kuwait has been viewed as one of the countries with the highest temperature, said by Li. In a relatively closed environment in the desert, the drilling crew members have revitalized Sinopec's 'iron army' spirit, dedicated themselves to the project in the desert, and carried out drilling services unswervingly. For over a decade, the crew has made remarkable achievements which were highly praised by Sinopec and the owner, and has received high-level rewards for many times, representing the great power of Chinese enterprises, especially Chinese petroleum workers.




Li stressed that due to the growing tension in the Gulf region, the operating team shall pay close attention to public safety and communicate with the headquarters and the embassy on the public securities developments in a timely manner. The embassy will as always provide necessary services to Chinese enterprises in order to protect the interests of Chinese enterprises and personnel in Kuwait.

Li further indicated that the drilling crew should take good care of its employees, taking into account the harsh living and working environments for the front-line workers. Their living and dietary needs should be guaranteed, and it was also necessary to enrich the corporate culture with diversified recreational and cultural activities, so that employees could maintain a good mood and gain happiness in both work and life, making the overseas posting a valuable part of their life experience.




At the end of the visit, Deputy General Manager of SIPSC Kuwait subsidiary Wang Zhenping expressed his heartfelt thanks to Ambassador Li for his caring and greetings to the crew, affirming that the company would continue its efforts for more achievements to bring honor to Chinese enterprises in Kuwait and Sinopec.


The Commercial Counselor Cheng Yongru and other members were present during the visit.


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